The ZIP file that you will download contains:

Star Wars Style Credits Animation PowerPoint File in two formats:

  • Widescreen Size (16:9)
  • Standard Size (4:3)

Both formats include two variations of the animation:

  1. Fast and Sequential
  2. Slower and Simultaneous

Plus, we also include the background we used for this slide in both Widescreen and Standard resolutions.

You can replace existing text with your own. The text boxes you are looking for are below the Slide Area. You will find multiple text boxes here that are placed one above the other. Please move them around so that you can find them all. You can then change text in these boxes. Delete text boxes you don't need, and if you need more text boxes, just copy any text box and paste to create duplicates.

Once you are done, make sure you place all text boxes back in the same area overlapping each other, as they were when you started.



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