These heart shapes are very subtle. In fact, you can easily get away with most audiences not really finding these hearts out of place even in a business presentation! And remember that even though you see hearts, they are placed within a circle.

The ZIP file that you will download contains:

  • Heart Circles with 3, 4, 5, and 6 hearts each
  • Three variants of each Heart Circle
  • So, you end up with 12 new, unique Heart Circles that you can use straightaway in your slides!
  • You also get a Sample Slides and Techniques deck that provides ideas to use these Heart Circles

The three variants are:

  1. Hearts as a circle: The entire circle comprising the hearts is one segment. You cannot work with individual heart segments.
  2. Hearts separate from circle: Each individual heart is a separate shape segment. But, they have been placed together to appear as one unified shape segment.
  3. Hearts separate from circle (and placed apart): Each individual heart shape is a separate segment that has been placed apart.

Concept Slides: Heart Circles

You can use these circle-of-hearts in any slide that needs to show the preferences, choices, and likes of your prospective clients–or for a continuous process.

These shapes are all individually selectable.

They break the monotony of text heavy slides, and help you explain concepts better to your audiences.

What's more, these shapes are also so much fun to use!

Copy these shapes to your PowerPoint presentation and change the fills and effects of individual shapes and segments, using PowerPoint’s fills, lines, and effects. Or if you like one of the samples within the downloaded presentation, just use the Format Painter button in PowerPoint to copy those attributes to your other shapes.

You can also apply animation to the individual heart shapes. Sample animated slides are included.

These shapes and segments are all editable within PowerPoint. All these concept designs are owned by Indezine.com.

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